Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taylor is Legal!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know...I haven't updated this blog since Christmas.

Sorry- there's not that much going on out there in the twilight Universe until we start getting Eclipse photos.

But Today is a momentous day. Adult women everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief that Taylor is officially an adult and none of us are going to jail.

Still outrageously inappropriate....but legal. :)


  1. He's so hot. I'm 33. But that's okay, because like you said: TAYLOR IS LEGAL! And hot. But I'd still do... I MEAN... (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!) I still like Edward (I MEAN) Robert more.


  2. I saw this on a few minutes ago! I did a happy dance on the inside! haha!

  3. I was so waiting on you to make a new post about this! No more two month breaks for you!!! I'll still be forever Team Edward/Rob, but I'm happy for those who were feeling like complete creepers that their time has come.

  4. Yall are funny. If this was a man making comments about Taylor Swift we would think he was bad. I will stick with the older man, sigh Edward!

  5. I know this is all celebratory and I'm right there with ya; but the fact that this photo is from TEEN vogue keeps me feeling just a little sleazy...