Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's Discuss!!!!!!

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!***********


This post is for those who've seen it - I'll give you my thoughts then I want to hear yours!


Overall, I'm going to give it a B-* (UPDATE! See end for second viewing change of grade). Mostly for being really true to the book.

The Bella- in-the-mirror dream - totally gave me chills. Really well done and exactly how I pictured it.

I thought Edward overall looked too vampire-y! I missed Biology Class-Edward and Restaurant-Edward. The slo-mo entrance that worked so perfectly in Twilight shouldn't have been repeated- it just looked cheesy.* See update for retraction.

You know I love Rob, but I kinda was cringing at the emo overacting. My love, you coulda dialed that down a bit.

My most overwhelming impression is THIS WAS TAYLOR'S MOVIE.

OMG. Taylor looked SO hot, SO beautiful and his presence onscreen was so compelling. Surprisingly, the long hair was really working for me. :P And helloooooooo abs. Pecs. Delts. Back. Tattoo. Rain. Lips. RRRRRRawr.

There were some really funny lines and funny moments in this one: Jessica is HILARIOUS, Charlie, always great, Mike did a great job too.

WTF was up with Jasper's HAIR??????????? He looked like a soccer mom.

I wish Rosalie had more screen time- she actually looked really pretty ( i think she lost some lbs after people called her 'chubby") and she had a few wonderfully delivered lines at the end re: the Vote.

Esme's contacts were out of control - she looked like a lemur.

Emmett, hunky and adorable as always - wish he'd had more screen time too. Maybe lathering up in the shower. :P

The Volturi were good....Jane was not as scary/creepy as I was imagining...Aro was excellent. Felix- that dude is HUGE! Good job on hugeness, Felix. Wasn't loving Edward's Dad-pajama outfit in the clocktower scene.

Cheesetastic Deal-breaker moments: The fake background when Alice & Bella are driving, and Alice's vision of Edward and Bella hunting together: WTF with Edward's gay outfit???????

Overall...and I say this with the utmost LOVE for all things Twilight and I will TOTALLY see the movie again......

It was missing something. Not angst. There was plenty of angst. But....the Jasper blood scene could've been more intense....the months going by scene could've had sadder music...the Volturi scene could have been scarier...I've seen the running for the clocktower more compelling in fanmade videos....

I don't know - I guess the word is 'flat'???? There was something about Twilight that was more alive..

**UPDATE!!!! (Friday night) I went to see it again with my girlfriend and loved it so much more the second viewing. I appreciated the music more, appreciated Kristen's acting more, and even teared up a few times. I didn't even hate the Bella/Edward future vision as much. I actually dug the slow-mo Edward arriving at school the second time around. maybe it was the rum in my Diet Coke. Updated grade: B+/A-

What did you guys think? What did you love- what did you hate- Did it live up to your expectations? Will you go again?



  1. I agree... worst scene of the movie was Alice's "vision" of E & B. So cheesy.

    And Jasper's line at the end... about how he'd be glad for Bella to be one of them so he wouldn't feel like killing her all the time... I laughed more at his "southern" accent than I did at the actual line he said. {cringe.}

    While NM was far from being perfect, I actually thought it was better than the 1st movie. The make-up, the music, the acting. Kristen and Taylor were so good.

    And speaking of Taylor... I had to lean over to my friend and whisper "The tattoo? HOT." There were also many chants between the two of us of "17... 17... he's only 17..." Yowza.

  2. I read this post, even though I have not seen New Moon yet - I'm going on Saturday. I am just so excited to see it! I'm reading Eclipse right now and I'm liking it so far... can't wait for that movie, you know? And do you think Breaking Dawn will be made into a movie, too? I HOPE HOPE HOPE so!
    I'm a bit sad that you didn't find Edward totally hot in this movie!!! :(

  3. We agree with Alice's vision...the entire theater broke out in histerics at that part! tooooooo cheesey! I thought all the vamps eyes this time were a bit too much. But over all...we loved the movie. Maybe we are just thinking back to "Twilight" and the craptastic film THAT was....

  4. I will go again just to stare at Jacob's awesome abs. Seriously, MOUTHWATERING. And, our theater all laughed at Alice's vision of Edward and Bella hunting, too. They could have made Bella look more 'vampy' and hott at that point. But, instead they just gave her gold eyes ... and outdated attire. This was really a Jacob movie, but kind of all knew that from the book. The relationship between Jacob and Bella was powerful in comparison to the strained ties between Bella and Edward. I LOVED the books ... all 4 of them. But, I don't think the movies focus enough on building an actual relationship between Edward and Bella. So, I agree, B-. But, again, I'll see it again and again until Taylor Lautner is legal. :-P

  5. I love you blog and I think it is hilarious. In fact I am a follower. I also have and innappropriate crush on the lads on twilight. I was reading your blog and enjoying up until you wrote "WTF is with Edward's "gay" outfit. Although I am not gay, it annoys me when people use the word in a derogatory form. I am sure you are a legit suburban mom with a good grasp on language. I say get with the program and try not to use words that would perpetuate oppression for people. Thank you.

  6. What's wrong...did not live up to the hype?

    Reviews are out...disappointing to even the real fans and certainly did not further the franchise...hope they fix it.

  7. I am running on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep, so I hope this comes out right.

    I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! It was so much better than Twilight. The directing was better. The acting was better (even Kristen, which I did not think was possible). EVERYTHING was soo much better. I'm glad it followed the book, I didn't want to see something completely different.

    Rob did great (minus poor wardrobe in the tower scene). Taylor did an EXCELLENT job. You're right, this was Taylor's movie. He was amazing. All of the guys without shirts didn't hurt either!!
    WOW-ZA!! I wanted to lick all of them (I just have to wait 82 days to lick Taylor though. ;) )

    I WILL see this movie again!! I will also buy the DVD!

    I can't wait for Eclipse!!

  8. These books and films set up an erotic adolescent obsession, preoccupied with the act of sex, and very inappropriate for adolescent girls. I'm a middle school teacher and I see it...the girls carrying the books around, reading them at any opportunity, having Edward's picture plastered in their lockers, and wearing tee shirts with him on their chests.
    This is the whole "forbidden fruit" syndrome, a much more powerful attraction and obsession than the act of sex. It's unhealthy and I'm wondering if parents are asleep? !!

  9. I give it a B+

    I thought most of what was added, really worked and what was left out ,for the most part, didn't matter.
    I thought the wolves were mostly great.
    KStew seemed to act fairly well which in my book is leaps and bounds better than her twilight performance.
    Rosalie and Jasper's hair could not get any worse!
    Ashley didn't sell the whole Edward has gone to volturi scene, she was kinda blah.
    i loved the slowmo Edward scenes.
    I thought Taylor was something out of a vision. Goodness boy turn 18 already!!
    and his acting was supreb!
    I didn't really care for the timing of the proposal.
    but i really thought everything else rocked!!
    I loved it boats loads more than Twilight!!

    oh but Edward and Bella prancing in the woods was fucked up. i mean really, could ya get anymore weird.

  10. I suppose because I had really low expectations for it that I totally enjoyed it.

    Issues were the they were weird...a little too yellow. Edward and his angst, a little too over done. The months scene kinda made me dizzy and nauseated ... a little less spinning please!

    Good things

    It was nice that Bella wasn't so whiney bitch this time (even though Edward seemed to take over that roll)

    Jacob...ahhh Jacob. I was so team Edward until this movie. The sexual tension was perfect.

    Over all I give it an A-

    But wow...critics seemed to give an F. They just don't understand twilight!

  11. I'm with MBP, I must have had really low expectations because I really liked it. I LOVED the Lykke Li song "Possibility" that played during the months going by scene. She wrote it specifically after seeing the movie, so maybe that colored my judgement. I enjoyed Edward's emotions. Because I could actually tell he had some, unlike in Twilight. the contacts on all the vampires made their eyes look like they were about to cry.

  12. I should have clarified about this:
    "The acting was better (even Kristen, which I did not think was possible)."

    In my opinion, Kristen is NOT a great actress. She acts the same in ALL of her movies. That is not acting, that is being yourself, reciting different lines. I think she was a little better in this film, not in the wow-she-is-so-great-how-could-she-get-better kind of way. Ok, that is all. :)

  13. What a few MILLION can do for a film!!!
    LOVED IT!!!!
    Spot on!

  14. Really liked New Moon! Far fewer cringe-worthy moments than Twilight. If I could change anything, I would have had a more intense scene of E and B making up after Italy - Allice's wardrobe was awful, I agree!

    I read your review right before I went to see it and everytime Jasper was on screen, I cracked up!!

    But I thought the acting was fantastic. And the last line of the movie - still gets me all kinds of excited. . . :)

  15. First off...I LOVED IT. I think it was one of the best books to movies I have seen. I think it stayed so true to the book. I'm with you Sue on the Lemur eyes, you nailed it!

    After watching it the 2nd time today, I think Edward was not wearing a pajama shirt as I first thought, it was the same shirt he was wearing when he left her, it was just torn, maybe a subtle way of showing how miserable and lost he was after leaving? Random thought.
    Taylor was AWESOME. I am so team Edward however I do get the Team Jac's a little better, he really brought him to life, EXCELLANT JOB! Everyone at both shows laughed at the Frolicking E and B too she does sparkle a bit as they are running. Aro was super creepy I thougt. I can't wait for more Volturi time in Eclipse. I could even appreciate slo-mo Edward...yowza. Overall I can't imagine any Twihard that would be disappointed.

  16. I was so excited to go to the midnight showing that I backed my car out of the garage right into the sitter's car which was parked in my driveway. I think it was the best $1300.00 movie I have ever seen. Team Edward. And yes, I have the t-shirt.

  17. Loved this post! I just got home from the movie and it was great, minus the fact that I had to regulate the teeny bopper girls in front of me from texting every 4 minutes. I thought the movie was much better than the first and think it was definately Taylor's movie. He was great! And you are right, Edwards little outfit was so gay, sorry to the PC commenter up there. Weird.

  18. Ugh, I am so SICK and tired of people bad mouthing all things Twilight. If I hear one more person say how inappropriate it is for a teenager to read these books, i'll scream!! So to the teacher up there .... thanks for your opinion, but I am glad you are not my kid's teacher.

    I loved the movie. I loved that it followed the book almost to a T. I actually liked the Bella and Edward frolicking scene. They looked beautiful and heck, they looked in love.

    I do agree that Alice's wardrobe was random. and I liked her hair sticking out better. But overall, I gave the movie an A.

  19. I just got back from seeing it (In the FRONT row... I need to go back and see it from a normal vantage point)

    I've always liked Kristen, but LOVED her in this one. Huge improvement.

    Couldn't stand Taylor in the first one, but he rocked it in this one. He should be proud, and not just of his body... good acting job I say.

    Rob owns me always, no matter how much screen time he gets. He is lovely.

    Can't wait to see it again, and again, and again....

  20. I wish people would just see the books and movies as fun and entertainment and not try to overanalyze what they mean and comment on who and who shouldn't read them!!! They are for fun, people!!!! I loved the movie...a few cheesey parts but that was inevitable! I thought the directing was great and you can definitely tell in the costumes and special effects that a lot more money and work was put into this movie! I give it an A and I will definitely see it again :)

  21. Movie was so true to the book, I love that. Movie was just a good entertaining movie. I am also a middle school teacher, see the obsessed teeny-boppers, and I just love that the books have kids reading and talking about reading and that was how I started the series. SO I am glad 13 year olds are into Twilight, or else I never would have become obsessed with it! Gotta love teen hormones!

  22. Someone just commented on what a few extra million can do to a movie and boy is she right!! Something I was hoping would go away and not be repeated in New Moon that was done in Twilight was the comical way Edward ran around his silver Volvo to open Bella's door, and the funny looking running up the hill when Edward carried Bella on his back. The running in New Moon had a more serious look and was not comical. Okay let's talk wolves, I admit I was a bit weary and how they would handle the transformations and giant wolves walking out to attack Laurant, These sceens could of easily gone very cheesy, but I was impressed!! A+ on the transformations of man to wolf, I like it!!

    Please forgive me Jacob and Edward fans, though these two boys are drop dead hot (Oh Jacob!!) I am one of the few Jasper fans (my fav vamp!) . His hair was AWFUL!! Why, did the director do this to me?! I also wish he had more lines, just a little bit more ; ) . I love Jasper's past of fighting in the civil war and leading the wars of fighting the new born vamps, I hope one of the upcoming movies will highlight because he such an intriguing character. And the fact that he is the least popular boy vamp makes him that much more mysterious and sexy to me ; ) .

    Over all I loved the movie by far and Bella was less twichy and stuttery in this one, so that was good.


  23. [CARTOON] Twilight New Moon

  24. Oh my god. Holy jeebus. I myself have seen it twice. Once with friends, the other time with my mother and sister. I loved the slo-mo, man! I thought it was awesome, and of course, RPattz needs a proper entrance. Some of my fav lines were: "Never trust me."
    "Don't. Get me upset. Things could get VERY ugly." LOL. Umm. Poor Edward :( Everybody has been hopping over the fence to TEENwolf's side. Which, I admit, was to be expected. Jacob's abs **drool** But I am a loyal Edward follower and I reckon he played the part excellently. He sure knows hot to look like he's in pain, doesn't he? Emmett was the lovable bear he always is. Jasper was creepy but quirky--as per usual. Rosalie--looked cool. Carlisle--swoon. Esme--ehh. Alice, awesome. I liked her line: "Right after you take out the dog." Kudos, Alice. LOL. I guess I hate Jacob because of the books and what he ends up doing to Renesmee (ew). But overall, I fucking loved this movie and may possibly see it again. I loved the music--LOVED VICTORIA, which I didn't expect. The song where she is running from the wolves. Totally awesome. But I think one of my most fav parts...was when Edward called Bella's house and got told she was dead. His face--my heart broke for him. **sigh** I guess I'm always gonna be an RPattz lova.


  25. Okay...I have always been team Edward...I mean he is perfect and all that..I never thought I would change....but I have....I am now Team Whosnotwearinashirt....It's the best of both world's.

  26. So you know, I'm a 30-ish mother of two boys and I went to see the movie yesterday by myself. During school hours so that I didn't have to listen to too many screams!!! I loved it!! Edward, in Twilight was so the "perfect husband I'll never have", but seeing Jacob in the almost completely undressed just about did me in!! Cannot wait till eclipse in the summer. I feel like such a teenager. What it would be like to be Bella, for just one day?!?!? Do you think she would trade places with me and change a few diapers???

  27. I just saw the movie this afternoon and want to say that I loved it! I was so happy with how true to the book it was. That adjustments that were made to make the movie flow quicker were perfectly acceptable.

    A couple things... I agree about how creepy all the eyes looked. I'm not saying I didn't like them...I am kind of on the fence. I think they probably look more like Stephenie Meyer imagined them... especially the Volturi.

    The "frolicking scene" was cute, but felt really awkward. The whole theater erupted into fits of laughter. I loved seeing it, but wish it would have felt more natural.

    Taylor Lautner was amazing! I agree with everyone above about his acting. I felt more sympathy (and ultimately pain) for him by watching the movie than reading the books. I actually teared up when he was begging Bella not to go. Good stuff!
    I'll be going again tomorrow... can't wait!

  28. i saw the movie yesterday. i really liked it however, it felt a bit rushed. there were several scenes that i felt could have been extended and explained for those that havent read the books or seen the first (unlike myself lol). i was contstantly explaining things to my mom, who has seen twilight but isnt as in to it as me. she was confused. but edward, as always, was gorgeous and other than some wardrobe issues i thought he was good. kstew doesn't really do it for me! OH MY GOD jacob. he did so much better than i expected and is gorgeous as well!!! I AM ON BOTH TEAMS!!! :) at once. lol. overall, it was good, i cant wait for eclipse!!! and as for breaking dawn, it will take some seriously excellent effects to bring their sex scene/bellas pregnancy/transformation/renesmee to life on the screen. i just hope if they do it, they do it WELL. it could be awful if not!!!

  29. I am forever a Team Edward lover but OMG, can we say "JAILBAIT!"? Wow, the 17 year old boys I knew at that age sure didn't look like that! One thing I noticed about this movie was that Jacob is more likeable on screen than in the book. I hated him in the book! The vampires, were creepy looking, all of them, keep them the way they were! Edward, did not look like Edward, he looked more RPatz which is hot but he's supposed to be 17, not 23. I did enjoy it and I will see it again tomorrow with my hubby!

  30. Taylor was truly awesome. The scene with Jacob and Bella on the steps at the theater brought a tear. And the scene with Edward and Bella frolicking through the woods...I hope that was supposed to be funny cause everybody was laughing!

  31. I thought the special effects of the wolfs were the best part, besides the slo-mo of Edward & Edward reciting Romeo & Juliet. I just kept saying OMG, OMG. I'm still team Edward all the way. Jacob is cute, but Rob is so damn hot. In a way I wish they could do 2 movies of New Moon, to include all the stuff that was left out.

  32. I loved that the characters seemed to get more into their roles this time....Alice was as funny as she was beautiful. Bella was very likeable this time around. The word that comes to mind for Jacob is STATUTORY! Edward was just OK in my opinion....
    The Volturi TERRIFIED me! Yikes!!!! Loved Jane!
    The wolves were well done, and SAM??? Yum!
    Saw it THursday at Midnight, need to see it again soon~

  33. I saw it twice this weekend and loved it both times!! Yes, there were some corny moments - especially Alice's vision!!! - and what was with the pained look and wierd noises Edward and Bella were making in their birthday kiss?? Ha ha!! Can't wait to dive into Eclipse (the book)!!

  34. I love that you updated it with your new feelings after a second viewing. I am really hoping that my impression of the movie gets better after the second time seeing it. I agree so much with all of the things that annoyed you the first time around. Like you, I didn't think Edward looked as gorgeous in NM as he did in Twilight. I also hated that Jacob and Bella had more chemistry than Edward and Bella. I know that is the point of this book, but I still feel like the scenes with Bella and Edward should have been the more powerful ones and they weren't. I'm seeing it again in a few weeks so I'm curious to see if my opinion improves too.

    I cracked up at the lemur Esme pic--so true!!

  35. I agree, the 2nd time is MUCH better.

    I actually LOVED the future-Bella/Edward-running scene the 2nd time. They are seriously carefree and so happy!!

    My dislike of Jacob returned on the 2nd viewing. She's told him time and time again, she doesn't like him like that. I hate that he keeps pushing. Anyway LOL.

  36. i saw new moon today. it was fine. i'll prob review it later. the blind side was worth the $9.00 paid to see it. new moon was worht the 5.75 paid to see it (early bird is good esp when u know it's gonna be 'missing something')i just don't like bella at all...never did in books, certainly don't in movies (kristen can only act one way and it's in every movie...snoozefest). michael sheen (aro) is just a great actor...i know this from watching other movies he's been in. jacob also made the movie for me. i was hoping for the volturi to be more prominent just cos i liked them so much lol kristen...errr i mean bella, made me want to slap her. i can't stand when women get like that over men. NO man ever worth getting like that over. not to me anyways...edward or not.

  37. I agree with Jen (above). I saw the movie twice. It got better the second time around but I still left wondering why this movie didn't showcase how completely in love with each other Bella and Edward are. A couple lines in which he mumbles about how important she is didn't do it for me! I have been Team Edward for quite a long time but I can easily see how if I hadn't read the books, I'd definitely be Team Jacob after this movie. And I'd probably hate Bella. My husband's reaction (he hasn't read the books) was "Good movie... but she's a selfish b!tch, isn't she?"

    I then spent 20 minutes trying to explain to him how much deeper the books dive into their relationship, but he stopped listening after the first 2 :)

    I just think that this movie didn't do Edward any justice at all. Maybe if they had included more of "The Truth" chapter after their return from Volterra, instead of just summing it up when she stopped him from entering the sunlight. Might have brought the newer fans back into the light as to why she would chose Edward over Jacob....

  38. am going tonight and now i REALLY can't wait.

  39. Hi! I'm back. I saw New Moon. And what did I think? I FREAKING LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH! I was like, giddy with happiness when it finished. Except for that one scene of them running through the field in funny looking outfits, I thought the entire movie was perfection! I loved it more than Twilight, even. I thought the acting was good! I love Edward. I love Jacob. And I just finished reading Eclipse, and OMG I can't wait to see that in June!!!! OMG so many people will be on Team Jacob, me thinks, after that!

  40. i must say the movie kinda sucked

    i mean the wolf effeacts were so shity and the volturi batle could have benn more intense..... but i loved the ending. did you know that aro was crackhead carlisle and that esme was in the red dress!!!! i agree that esme looked like a lemur but victoria was so much cooler in nm than in twilight. maybe it will be different next time.

  41. Was I the only one (other than the other women in the theater that emitted an audible gasp) at the sight of Jacob's new bod? My husband even had to ask what was wrong! I flushed, I got hot, my 13 yr old son noted the temperature difference in my skin. Holy
    Crap! Damn!

    How many days til Taylor is now legal?

    Team Jacob! (I am a turncoat.)

    Other than...

    It was a little angsty for me. But then New Moon was/is. But the screaming nightmares... got to me. I teared up. Been there, done that... got over it.

    I enjoyed it. Will need to see it again.

  42. Oh, and I have to add... Taylor's acting has grown the f**k up, somewhat. He is showing some real potential. His acting pre-werewolf vs. post-werewolf... big diff. His emotions post change were much more believable.

  43. Upon second viewing I have to say that I pretty much loved it - except for the lack of Edward/Bella scenes. I still don't think the movies have communicated enough of their love story. I would rather see that than the Wolf Boys.

    The cinematography is gorgeous. And of course, Rob..., well, he is, too.

    Loved the birthday party scene with Emmett acting like a goofball. Sue - your Soccer Mom comment about Jasper's hair had me falling off my chair. They can't seem to get the wigs and contacts right! The scene with Bella and Carlisle was just perfect. Peter F. is so great in this role.

    Love the soundtrack - it's desperate and beautiful and cool. I was listening to it in the car, driving through fog and mist the other day - and burst into tears listening to "Roslyn."

    Taylor/Jacob deserves so much credit for delivering a great performance.

    Loved Bella at the movies with Jacob and Mike - staring at their waiting, open hands was hilarious. Classic moment.

    Didn't hate, but was disappointed in the Clock Tower scene. I wanted it to last longer - more slow mo, more Edward/Rob.. just more. It's the pivotal payoff scene (to me) and they rushed it.

    Michael Sheen as Aro was actually creepier than the book, which was great. In the book he comes across fairly benign. I never got the feeling he would bite/hurt Bella, but in the movie...shiver!

    Alice's vision of Edward and Bella running in the woods didn't bother me - I just thought their clothes were typical of what Edward would have worn in 1918.. am I the only one?

    If you haven't seen the movie 'Bright Star' - that is the way I wish they would portray Edward and Bella's love story. That movie is so romantic and portrays longing and desire, but in a chaste way - similar to SM's books. That is my wish for Eclipse.

  44. I know I'm late, but I just saw the movie. Holy crap I loved it! Taylor was freakin adorable and when he turned into a wolf, I just wanted to hug the shit out of him. The scene at the end where Bella was between wolf Jacob and Edward made me a little teary.

    That said, Bella needs to work on her screaming skillz and Edward just creeps me the fuck out. I will definitely see it again, though!

  45. I came upon your blog through another friend. I don't know if anybody else commented on Alice's vision of Edward and Bella running through the woods. But, I thought it was cheesy at first too. I haven't re-read the books in a while. Then, my sister-in-law (She is re-reading Breaking Dawn right now) pointed out to me that the silk blue dress Bella has on in the scene is the one Alice puts on her after she turned into a vampire. This vision was suppose to be their first hunting trip together and it is showing that Bella can actually run faster than Edward. That's why she is like looking back at him and basically saying hahaha, I'm faster! lol... I think she was also barefoot because remember she throws her heels off after jumping out the window. Also, Bella looks very beautiful as a vampire! So, now I appreciate the scene a lot more. I think it was a future vision for maybe the Breaking Dawn movie. :-) Just wanted to share my thoughts.

  46. I've now seen it 3 times. Favorite parts: wolves, Bella cliff jumping, Victoria running through forest, the breakupt, the reuniting (minus weird gray nipple), the Volturi scene (LOVED Aro!), B & E looking at Volturi painting, the visions of Edward.

    Least favorite parts: Bella & Jacob talking in the rain (I thought his lines were ridiculously simple, like, "I used to be....a good kid"), Jake's line, "Do you want me to put you in the hospital!?", all of Alice's parts (ugh, her wardrobe!), all of Jasper's parts (that AWFUL, HIDEOUS hair!), the entire dialog around Emily's table except for Paul's "sorry" which was quite charming.

    My first reaction was that I liked NM so much more than Twilight, but I've watched Twilight since NM and there are things I prefer about it, most notably how Edward looked and Rob Pattison's acting. It seemed less forced. Kristen, however, did MUCH better in NM and seemed to fit Bella's character better than she did in Twilight. I was swept away by both movies, of course, which is why I see them again and again. Neither is even close to "great cinema", but they satisfy my need for all things Edward. :-)

  47. Well, I thought the whole thing was a bit cheesy, but that did not diminish my enjoyment one bit. Oh, and I'll definitely see it again.

    When Bella tells the shirtless and very hot Jacob, "I hate what they've done to you" some woman behind me said, "Well, I like it!" The whole theatre burst out laughing.

  48. Totally agree! Glad I am not the only one! They did not get the intensity of the entire Voltary scene. Aro was a little giggly. The scene of Alice vision was so gay. What was up with Alice's clothes. A little to big on her cute figure. Rob was too broody before the party. Not light hearted enough so you got the mood change. I did not like any of their eyes. Rob's make up was not good the lip stick was a bit much. They could have showed her settling into life after she discovers the wolf pack. That is what made the book exciting is that she had almost healed when Alice came back. But it did follow the book almost word for word and the not change the story line that much which is more than I could say for Twilight. I liked it much better the 2nd time. I went to the midnight showing and between the highschool girls screams for Jacob and the Pack and the four little gay guys in front of me it was hard to get into. Can't wait for Elipse. I did not like New Moon as much. I need more of Edward.

  49. Lord... I think y'all are crazy... both movies were extremely over done. Kristen Stewart is an AWEFUL actress, and Rob is way too brooding an actor. I will agree that Taylor looked pretty good, and did a nice job, but they could have found better people for the main parts. The music was really good, I thought. And I agree that the eyes were overdone. I think many people have overlooked the great job Dakota Fanning did... she was awesome!! And the guy who played her bro... hot... I don't know. I guess I was never impressed.

  50. LOVED the movie... but I'm seeing way too many people who think Alice's vision is IS cheesy, but it's EXACTLY as described in Breaking Dawn, which is too cheesy, which is why the book sucked. Which is why I thought the director got it perfect...which is why I think BD shouldn´t be a movie...but I LOOOVED NM...

  51. The point to Alice's vision of Edward and Bella's vision is that Bella is so happy to be a part of his world, that if you think about it "His world" is original late 1800's hence the "cheesy" outfits. Even (Spoiler alert) Bella's wedding is based around Edward and the times he lived in she thinks of "Anne of Green Gables...."