Sunday, November 15, 2009

Countdown Week!!!!!!!

Oh.   Em.   Gee.

It's Countdown Week.

Hopefully you have all bought your midnight show tickets for Thursday night.....

I will be posting a Friday 2am Review as soon as I get home to tell you what I thought - don't worry - I'll warn you of spoilers.....

Gah! I'm so excited!

Here are my questions:

Will I turn Team Jacob after seeing that bod on the big screen?
Will Emmett get more lines?
Will the music be as good?
Will KStew stutter through the whole thing?
What if I get swine flu on Thursday?
What if a huge meteor hits the earth and NONE of us ever get to see it?

Someone talk me off the ledge.

Tell me: what are you looking forward to most?????


  1. LOL, well, most I'm looking forward to staring at Rob for two hours in shots I've never seen. I have miraculously been able to stay away from nearly all of the promotional videos and other stuff. And I'm really looking forward to see what this director does but really it's the stare at Rob thing I'm hoping to do most of, lol.

  2. will I be able to hear any of the movie over my screaming?

    will I be able to handle my kids the next morning when I've had a couple hours sleep?

    will I be able to convince my hubs I'm not insane when i insist on seeing it 27 times?

  3. I am trying to finish reading New Moon as we speak... I'm scared, though, I'm scared that it will end in a way I don't want it to end... I only want Edward and Bella together... I'm having serious anxiety over this! HELP! And yes Dear GOD I will be at the movies on Friday! Just saw Twilight for a second time lat night on TV.

  4. Weelll...I've never seen that pic of Rob you put on this post, so if I can manage to leave the house by Friday, I will look forward to watching Rob in all his brooding glory. I'm a sucker for a brooder.

    And I've had the soundtrack since its release in October...the music is actually better than the Twilight music, and I loved the Twilight music.



    P.S. Right as I opened this page, a preview for New Moon came on. It was wonderful.

  6. I can answer the question about the soundtrack--the music is FANTASTIC!!! It is definitely as good as Twilight, if not better!!

    Hmmm...what am I looking forward to the most?? I would have to say the scene at the end where Edward starts to take off his shirt to expose himself for the Volturi. I am going to the midnight showing too and am looking forward to squealing like a school girl at all the right parts! Can't wait!!

  7. I bought my midnight tickets 2 weeks ago! I'm so excited! I will probably be escorted out of the theater for screaming!!!!

  8. looking forward to every single moment! Best part - I will be seing it at 8:30pm on Thurday!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!

  9. TEAM EDWARD. Emmett will have very little lines in this one, too, I'm afraid. As for the music, haven't you been hitting constant replay on the New Moon soundtrack? It's fabulous!

  10. im sooo excited about this movie. but me and my friends are waiting till at least a week after the movie has been playing. i can deal with the crowds at all!! esp the ones of the tweens and teens group. call me old but i just cant do it!


  12. I'm looking forward to a movie with a bigger budget, therefore better effects, etc. And I'm looking forward to the Italy scenes. That part of the book interested me most, and I'm dying to see it play out. Dakota looks so badass!

  13. The ENTIRE THING! Ahhhhhh I can't wait. I too thought...It would so suck if the world ended before we get to see New Moon....I have lost it. I feel like a little kids waiting for Christmas!

  14. Being in Australia and seeing it 12 hours before the rest of the world! YEEHAHHHHHHHHHH!

  15. I just got home from a midnight screening (I live in Australia) and it was AWESOME!!! (and I was never a big fan of that book). Yes, Taylor did make me fall in love with Jacob a little and I have always been a Team Edward person, but you goota love Jake with his shirt off which, thank god, is quite often!!!

  16. So exciting ... and of course I have my midnight showing tickets, and even a set for a Saturday showing - LOL!! Yeah. No joke.
    Come check out my holiday giveaway event to pass the time until Thursday night!! :o)