Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's Discuss!!!!!!

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!***********


This post is for those who've seen it - I'll give you my thoughts then I want to hear yours!


Overall, I'm going to give it a B-* (UPDATE! See end for second viewing change of grade). Mostly for being really true to the book.

The Bella- in-the-mirror dream - totally gave me chills. Really well done and exactly how I pictured it.

I thought Edward overall looked too vampire-y! I missed Biology Class-Edward and Restaurant-Edward. The slo-mo entrance that worked so perfectly in Twilight shouldn't have been repeated- it just looked cheesy.* See update for retraction.

You know I love Rob, but I kinda was cringing at the emo overacting. My love, you coulda dialed that down a bit.

My most overwhelming impression is THIS WAS TAYLOR'S MOVIE.

OMG. Taylor looked SO hot, SO beautiful and his presence onscreen was so compelling. Surprisingly, the long hair was really working for me. :P And helloooooooo abs. Pecs. Delts. Back. Tattoo. Rain. Lips. RRRRRRawr.

There were some really funny lines and funny moments in this one: Jessica is HILARIOUS, Charlie, always great, Mike did a great job too.

WTF was up with Jasper's HAIR??????????? He looked like a soccer mom.

I wish Rosalie had more screen time- she actually looked really pretty ( i think she lost some lbs after people called her 'chubby") and she had a few wonderfully delivered lines at the end re: the Vote.

Esme's contacts were out of control - she looked like a lemur.

Emmett, hunky and adorable as always - wish he'd had more screen time too. Maybe lathering up in the shower. :P

The Volturi were good....Jane was not as scary/creepy as I was imagining...Aro was excellent. Felix- that dude is HUGE! Good job on hugeness, Felix. Wasn't loving Edward's Dad-pajama outfit in the clocktower scene.

Cheesetastic Deal-breaker moments: The fake background when Alice & Bella are driving, and Alice's vision of Edward and Bella hunting together: WTF with Edward's gay outfit???????

Overall...and I say this with the utmost LOVE for all things Twilight and I will TOTALLY see the movie again......

It was missing something. Not angst. There was plenty of angst. But....the Jasper blood scene could've been more intense....the months going by scene could've had sadder music...the Volturi scene could have been scarier...I've seen the running for the clocktower more compelling in fanmade videos....

I don't know - I guess the word is 'flat'???? There was something about Twilight that was more alive..

**UPDATE!!!! (Friday night) I went to see it again with my girlfriend and loved it so much more the second viewing. I appreciated the music more, appreciated Kristen's acting more, and even teared up a few times. I didn't even hate the Bella/Edward future vision as much. I actually dug the slow-mo Edward arriving at school the second time around. maybe it was the rum in my Diet Coke. Updated grade: B+/A-

What did you guys think? What did you love- what did you hate- Did it live up to your expectations? Will you go again?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Astonishingly, This Post Is About Another Movie

OMG you guys.

As much as I am running around like a mental patient today because of the premiere tonight, I got sidelined by the TRAILER FOR REMEMBER ME!!!!!!

OMG. Rob is breathtaking.

Remember Me

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Countdown Week!!!!!!!

Oh.   Em.   Gee.

It's Countdown Week.

Hopefully you have all bought your midnight show tickets for Thursday night.....

I will be posting a Friday 2am Review as soon as I get home to tell you what I thought - don't worry - I'll warn you of spoilers.....

Gah! I'm so excited!

Here are my questions:

Will I turn Team Jacob after seeing that bod on the big screen?
Will Emmett get more lines?
Will the music be as good?
Will KStew stutter through the whole thing?
What if I get swine flu on Thursday?
What if a huge meteor hits the earth and NONE of us ever get to see it?

Someone talk me off the ledge.

Tell me: what are you looking forward to most?????

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aaaaaaaand ****thud*****

Holy. Mother. of . God.

I will never look at a lobster bib the same way again.