Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome My New Widget

OK. I can't take it anymore.

My Twitter friend Kandis directed me to these new Rolling Stone shots of Taylor..

and so I think I need to add a new widget to this blog:

"Days Til Taylor Turns 18"


  1. Yeah, that wet shot is just not even fair. I think he is blatantly trying to taunt us with his underaged hotness.

  2. The wet shot is definitely below the belt!

  3. oh look we are getting closer every minute!! soon it will be completely legal for us to stare inappropriately at these pics!!

  4. I saw some of the other shots on Perez and about died.

    It is just sooooooooo wrong to think a child the same age as my eldest is that hot.

    Just so wrong.

  5. ok so yes you do have an inappropriate obsession - maybe. first, how old are you? and second, is the obsessions with edward or the werewolf guy whose names escapes me at the moment

  6. .....*Thud*
    Team Jacob,
    i Was Team Jacob Even Before I saw These.

  7. Oh my gosh, you are hillarious, but good call ; ) .

  8. sorry for a repeat comment, but realize some of your readers might not see it in the older post lol

    just popped by to say that depending on what state you are in, it's actually 'legal' to like a 17 yr old (like Nev..and about 15 other states)lol. just thought i'd throw that out there for you all lol

  9. Team EDWARD! Team EDWARD!

    Are you waffling?! WTH is with the Taylor pics? Love that butt-cleavage pic of RPatz...will have to swipe it and put in on my I-phone for gym inspiration! Slurp!