Monday, August 3, 2009

New Clip From New Moon!

Just got back from vacation, so I just saw this tonite for the first time!

OMG. It previewed at Comic Con.....Bella & Jacob motorbike scene...Jacob ripping his shirt off, Edward appearing as a vision.....WHY ISN'T IT NOVEMBER????????


  1. Have you seen these Twilight videos? They are pretty funny, especially the guy who plays James in the first one.

  2. Make sure you also check out the other clip of Bella, Alice and Edward in Italy.

    I think you will like that one too! :)

  3. BF: What are you watching?
    ME: Pssh, the New Moon preview from Comic Con on the Twilight blog I follow.
    BF: Oh my god.
    *Jacob removes shirt, screaming ensues
    Me: Hey, at least I'm not like that.
    BF: Only on the outside, you know you're screaming on the inside.
    ME: WHAT?! (completely outraged)
    ME: Okay, you're right.

  4. I'm so glad you finally got to watch this! I enjoyed them immensely!

  5. i was just stoked that the dialogue is right from the book!!
    ok i was only partly stoked about that, i was mainly watching taylor-fucking-too-young-for-me's abs.

  6. I really hope there isn't screaming like that at the opening night...I have a feeling there will be. Sigh....anyone know of any remote theaters where screaming is banned.

    NOTE Internal Screaming completely acceptable!! Hello! He did just rip his damn shirt off!

  7. I agree with you Marybeth, is there a theatre where I won't have to hear the screams lol, only the ones in my head for the way to young for me actors.

    Either way, so happy this got posted here!
    Ok back to pretending I am not an obsessed Twilight mommy...

  8. Noone went to Comic-Con?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I'm shoked! Well, it was awesome there, just like last year!!!!!^^

  9. And I like the screaming fans!!!!!!!

  10. I love you woman!!!!! I am trying to not read any more Twilight blogs or look at videos....I want to be surprised but I changed my miond just for you!

  11. Have you seen this one? Edwards sex muscles are beautiful! I am speechless!

    I can't wait for the movie! Seriously. :o)