Friday, June 19, 2009

Rob & Emilie Make Out

Rob and Emilie de Ravin start filming "Remember Me"......


Oh! Sorry - Rob, sand dunes...I was daydreaming.

So who is this lucky Emilie de Ravin? She played "Clare" on "Lost".

and in case you're wondering do you get to make out with Robert Pattinson if you DON'T have a slammin body, the answer to that is:



  1. I heard she was getting a divorce too. How many of us would be in the early stages of divorce if we were working with RPattz too?

  2. mmm, making out with Rob,mmm

    What a minute?!

    Is this the first Rob bare legs sighting? i don't think I've seen his legs before.

  3. Good get, agent IS the first bare legs look we've gotten.

  4. Am still stuck back at sand dunes and Rob. Swoooonnnnn!!!

  5. He has nice bare legs....i would like to see his bare legs in the sand dunes more often. particularly on a private beach with just him and me.....did i just say that outloud?! sand dunnnessss

  6. Ungh...Drool. Check out her toes..mine would curl like that know whe is way more into this scene than she should be!

  7. Damn! How did I not know this blog was here???? I have to get out from under my my life is complete!