Thursday, June 18, 2009

Close One

"Damn that cab's comin' at me fast...."

As you all probably know by now, our Rob was "clipped" by  a cab in NYC while trying to get away from crazed (imagine!) fans.

Could we get some better security up in here?????!!!!!!

And as a worse-case scenario backup, could we get some cells to freeze so we can clone him if he doesn't make it?

(boy, that'd be a long 22 years......"Rob's first day of kindergarten!"


  1. I heard it wasn't the fans fault, and that he was just more in shock than anything else..BTW clones age faster than humans, so he'd be 22 in a couple of weeks. Well, at least Robby's okay!!!!!!!!!!!^^

  2. sweet...he would age like Renesmee? I can wait...but the blogs and boards sure will be slow...was there anyone else is Twilight other than Rob...hmmm LMAO!

  3. LMAO "clones age faster than humans"...MoMo how do you know this stuff?

    If RobClone would age like Renesmee, then someone needs to pin him down and swab his cheek so we can all have our own RobClone.

  4. They better take better care of Rob. I can't imagine the world with out a Rob in it! I would be like the deepest form of blasphemy ever.

  5. Well, most of the cloned animals(not saying there are alot, but still) were old and dying in just a few months, so.....Hmm, maybe i'm just a nerd.....LOL. But that means RobClone would age FASTER than Renesmee, and he would die after 7 months!!!!NOOO!!!!!!(also, he'd be all old and ugly, lol)

    But yeah, Rob has been declared fine!^^ He also said it wasn't his crazy fans fault, and he's back to shooting his movie 'Remember Me' in New York! YAY!!!!