Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Photos

This one should be the cover of Wide Awake if it could be a real book:

Cover for Welcome to Existence:
(Bella/Emmett )

and lastly, a recent shot of Rob being impossibly gorgeous while impossibly normal. (**sigh**)


  1. It's almost too much for me to take **sigh** I wonder if I'll ever go back to normal?

  2. I read an interview with AngstGoddess003. She is working on turning Wide Awake into a book... she needs to change some things to distance it from Twilight... but she's in the process of doing it!!!

    I'm already looking forward to the freaking movie!!

    And those pics are so hot. I saw them a while ago... from a German magazine or something...

    Smokin hot.

  3. diddo. i was going to comment the exact same thing as cristin.
    Only i've never seen those pics before. wow. so hot. mmm.

  4. Yeah. He's dreamy. Seriously.

  5. Dreamy i s right. Mr and Mrs Pattinson did a good job!

  6. man, I drooled on the keyboard again! Definitely dreamy.

  7. What hasn't been said...about HIM...He is just yummy and on and on and on.....