Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to Phoenix

#41- Ballet Studio in Pheonix
#41- Ballet Studio in Pheonix by ♥Kayley♥ on

Hey Peeps....
Going to Phoenix for Spring Break.....

I've read a little of the new Wide Awake chapters and I'm thinking.....Bella minus Edward = no smut = boring.

I hope it gets better? What did you guys think?

Anyhoo....I'll be back in a week (unless there's huge news in which case I'll take my mojito to the nearest wifi connection).

Tell Edward I love him.


  1. I'm thinking you updated 'Inappropriate Twilight Obsession" after you watched the mad tv thing.... It smacks of smart ass! Love it... I agree... more smut... I hope you don't do a damn thing other than sleep late, read trashy ass novels, eat, drink and sleep... I'm so jealous...

    I'll do my best to hold down the smart ass fort.

  2. I dunno, I enjoy reading some smut as much as the next person, but that last chapter just ripped my heart out. Have a great vacation!

  3. I had to go back and reread the GSB Smuttake. I agree, I'm glad WA Bella is getting help but I missed the sex. Have fun, don't hang out in any ballet studios!

  4. I thought it was heartwrenching and very necessary...but I'm still hoping the reunion will bring some good smut...

  5. What is the GSB Smuttake? What smut am i missing out on? Huh? Huh?

  6. I loved the chapters! AG owns me. The lack of smut...well...I don't read Wide Awake solely for the smut. Her writing is transporting. The smut is the icing on the cake. Finding Twilight smut is easy to come by. Anyone can write a lemon.

  7. Dear Sue Lady,
    Stop sending my mommy new books on the computer. She is no fun any more and all she doees is carry her little laptop around and tell me and my sister to be quiet so she can be with Edward. I don't know who Edward is, but tht isn't my daddy's name and I don't think he would like it. And I am tired of eating cereal for dinner.

    love, Erin

    Yes, ladies, my daughter left me this note when I told her I was reading the rest of the book my friend Sue sent me on the computer. She asked me if I knew my friend Sue's address and could please mail it to her.

    And Sue? TGIFriday's makes a FABULOUS Berry Mojito... or 3....

  8. Michelle- For real?? That's hilarious. When I first started reading WA I actually said to my 8 year old" Leave me ALONE!!!!" Mom of the Year.

  9. You have made me so happy. I've finally found my people. I'll read Wide Awake while I wait for you to get back from Phoenix.

  10. Seriously the smut rocked but the story is great. love me some hot, cussin edward. i can't tell ya how many times the f word has slipped out of my mouth in the last few days while reading WA.
    oh and before i got to the hot stuff i told my mom she ought to read WA since she too liked twilight. boy i hope she forgets who recommended it to her when she reads all that smut.

  11. Sue,
    Yes, really. I saved the note. One for the scrapbook, I think. You are imortalized in my kids baby book now.



  12. You know, i think the last few chapters were... well, not the most exciting stuff, but necessary nonetheless. Kind of like the majority of New Moon for me... i was a little bored with Jacob and really just waiting for Edward to get back, but it was a necessary part of the series.

    I'm totally ready for their reunion though. I just hope it's as good as i'm imagining. And some good smut BETTER be lined up for us in that! How could it not be, right?!

  13. I am new to WA. I liked the final chapters but I am going to be aching for the next installment. Any guesses when it will arrive?

  14. I read WA for the first time this past weekend. I F&*king love it!!! I've already read it 3 times because I love the storyline - it can totally happen. Oh yeah...I'm also sleep deprived, my day job is piling up, I'm totally dropping f bombs all day long, and my husband has already gotten lucky twice this week. I am sooo hoping that there's some sweet lovin' going on after the reunion. :)

  15. Hi my fabulous cousin! This is so much fun! I'm so proud of you! I must say that I'm terribly sad to know you were in my state and I didn't escape my reality to read New Moon (I'm so far behind) and drink mojitos with you! I hope you had a phenomenal time and that you got some sunshine while you were here. Weird weather last week!

    Okay, here's my newest "you know you're getting to into these books when..." moment. I've told myself I can only read Twilight books when I'm on the treadmill or exercise bike. I ran home from work today and did 45 minutes on the treadmill without missing a beat! This is a great motivator! I just tell the kids "don't bother me cuz I'm EXERCISING!!" What a great role model I am (wink, wink!)! See, girls, just LIE to your kids and they won't know how obsessed you are!!