Monday, February 9, 2009

Wing Men

No, no, no.

Robert. Do I have to teach you everything.

You cannot, as World's Sexiest Man, be seen with THESE two sketchbombs.

(this past weekend in London)

Especially since you seem to be hell-bent on looking as un-Edward like as possible.

Here, let me help you.

OK. You don't want anybody too good-looking
cuz then people are all "Damn! You're as hot as Robert!"

You want someone cute and fun like

Jim and John.

We're all trying really hard to still see you as Edward, but you're making it really difficult.

We know, you're Rob, not Edward, but we want THIS Rob:


  1. That Rob is a stubborn one, I tell you!

  2. I bet he thinks that if he wears that black cap that people won't recognize him. Sorry but he is going to have to do better than that if he wants to go incognito. It only brings out his sexy eyes. God, I love those eyes!

    Love your suggestions for new wingmen--Bravo!

  3. Totally agree with what jen said. I love the eyes too! I think it is helped him get the part of Edward.

    The wingmen idea inspired.

  4. I hope he's taking your advice seriously!!

  5. So true. you took the thoughts out of my head. oh and nice pic of Jim... yum

  6. I sent some friends over to you...they too have an "inappropriate twilight obsession."

    But, now, I'm finding I'm obsessed, too!

  7. okay this is a brilliant blog- "inappropriate twilight obsesesion- for those who shouldn't be obsessed but are." AMAAAZING

    i heart you TONS

    oh.. i'm from and maybe you've been there.. maybe we've talked.. but in case you haven't and we haven't.. we're inappropriately obsessed too!

  8. Okay, if he does start hanging out with Jim (John Krazinski)...
    and then I start hanging out with you...
    and we all meet some time on the street...
    you take Edward and I'll take Jim.

    Sound good? Okay, great. Thanks.

  9. That dude all the way on the right is Rob's bff. His name is Tom Stu something or another. And oh what I would give to see Rob and Krasinski together. Yum!!

  10. Rob, listen to Sue. She knows what she's talking about. If you hang with Jim and John you will be the man. And ditch the hat and shower... girls dig showers.

  11. I'm with Jen -- clearly, you know what's best here.

    And Rob and Jim together! Squeee!

  12. Sue - I hope Rob's listening...You know what you're talking about!

    Found your blog via Twilight Tuesday...I'll be checking back often - love it!