Friday, February 27, 2009

Twilight in Japan

Yippeee - Twilight's premiering in Japan which means NEW PHOTOS!!!!

From all the pics and videos I've seen, Robert is just a doll: signing autographs and smiling. K.Stew is her typical sourpuss self, thinking she's too good for the whole thing.

Can we talk about Taylor for a sec? Look how tall he's gotten- I think Robert's like 6'1" (***pause for sigh****) and he's almost as tall as him! 

Kristen, I swear to God, if you don't start appreciating the position you're in (literally), the fans are gonna have you booted out of New Moon. We've all taken a vote and decided that Natalie Portman could replace you easily. Plus, she'd give Rob a little sum'n sum'n on the set, so....


  1. Good job Taylor!! Looking good...I mean that in an appropriate way of course. : )
    Please Kristen smile like you're happy to be there. I know a billion other women who would gladly step in for you. whore. opps, i mean pothead.

  2. I can't even stand to look at Kristen anymore. Seriously, why can't she be happy? She gets to kiss Robert FREAKIN Pattinson and is paid to do it. Ungrateful bitch!

  3. Sorry, didn't mean to curse on your blog, but I get infuriated when I start thinking about her and her attitude. :(

  4. Oh dear those men look nice. Seriously Kristen look happy you are going to be rich for the rest of your life-be grateful!

  5. LMFAO Why the fuck is Kristen so unhappy. I swear she needs anti-depressants or something. Smile for once. And doesn't pot make you happy? WTF is SHE smoking?

    Rob *sigh* looks so handsome. What I wouldn't do if I could get my hands on him.

    And Taylor sure IS growing up.

  6. Wow, I didn't realize how tall Taylor had gotten. I think he's gonna be just fine as Jacob, even though I could care less, since it's Rob I want to see.

  7. Kristen? Kristen who? I only see a beautiful male speciman in that picture.

  8. Natalie Portman at the risk of censure " I might even go watch new moon if she were in it"

    Maybe this Kirsten is trying to get to Natalie through Rob and get a little sum'n Sum'n

    Crap now I'm obsessed

  9. maybe if kristen lays off the drugs, she might come around?? gosh those two guys are tall, hot, sexy!

    i'm not a fan of kristen anyways...her acting is terrible. same in all movies...chk out The Messengers. total crap.

  10. must be a pretty miserable wretch to not be smilin' like ya got it standing in between those 2 men.....just cuz her daddy is supposed to be someone ....Natalie would be great..anyone who would smile would be great...and maybe a good her level of acting..i could do it..and you'd be damned assured i would be smiling ear to ear for the rest of my life..and I would do it for FREE.....I'd pay...or;)

  11. You'll Never KnowMarch 15, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    I think Michelle Trackenburg(or however her name is spelled) would do pretty well as Bella.
    IDK if Natalie could pull it off...Though I think Kristen is doing fine as Bella, really. I mean, come on, some people just don't smile that much!Some people look like rapests when they smile to big.And it seems like the people her are judging her for smokeing pot. YES, it's illegal(i tihnk?). YES,it's harmful, but she did something stupid and got hooked! I don't think it turned her into a snob, and i don't think she is a snob.I'm not exactly a fan of hers, but i don't think theres anything wrong with her acting.The no-smiling in the picture, it's called being professional. If Madonna met Robert Pattinson and got a pic with him, in the pic she would not be bouncing off the walls, she'd be smiling like Kristen is in that picture, 'cause she is smiling in that.Anyway, Madonna might be hyped up on the inside, but NOT the outside. Once again, BEING PROFESSIONAL!!!