Friday, January 9, 2009

This is Not Right

My heart skips a beat when I see a silver volvo.

Dude, that is just not right. What the hell is wrong with me.

I've seen the movie 5 times. I've read all 4 books plus "Midnight Sun" online.

As my blog friend Leigh's T-shirt says,

"I Love Edward.
I'm married.
He's fictional.
This couldn't possibly backfire."

What is going ON???? Here's me with the "kiss scene" clip from youTube:

play. rewind. play. rewind. play. rewind.

So let's discuss. Here are my favorite Edward moments in the movie:

1) When he walks into the cafeteria (awesome building guitar riff in the background)

2) Their second meeting in biology when he's friendly.

3) The van-saving scene

4) The restaurant scene where he tells her he feels very protective of her. Also? just hearing the way he says "sex" two times.

5) The volvo-rescue scene (if you listen closely you can hear him growl at the guys)

6) The scene in the woods where he shows her how he can throw a tree.

7) The kiss in her bedroom.

What are your favorite scenes? Is your husband/boyfriend amused or annoyed? Do you agree with me that Stephenie should release an adult-rated version of each book?

Kiss scene from YouTube (turn off my music @ bottom of the blog first)


  1. You are too funny, you started a Twilight blog... My favorite scene is in the restaurant, and baseball, and at his house. But you are right, when he first walks into the cafeteria... I believe I moaned out loud

  2. I think my first task, if I'm to follow this blog, is to finally break down and read the books/see the movie. EVERYONE's in on it, and I want to drink the Twilight koolaid.

  3. Merrie, as one of your closest friends that you have never met, I PROMISE you, you won't regret it.

  4. Favorite scene-hands down- is when they arrive at school as boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time and everyone is saying OMG. He is so sexy in those sunglasses and when he puts his arm around her I just wanted to melt.

    HELL YES to the adult version of the books!

  5. imagine my surprise and giggles when i got your dm today lol my are definitely obsessed. me not so much these days. i sat there one day thinking, 'bella sure is a whiny clingy needy biotch' lol i still <3 edward tho. sexy as all get out!

    here's my fave scene...the kissing one. definitely the first sighting of cullens in the cafeteria, not just edward cos that whole cast is sexy. yes, to the volvo scene. for some reason i like the scene where they appear at school together and he says, 'i'm already going to hell..(can't remember the rest right now for some reason lol)' some ppl laugh at the baseball scene, but i LOVE it.

    btw, did you see the new spoof on my blog? 'i see you brought a snack' ohmygoodness that makes me laugh. hubs asked if that was seriously a line in the movie cos he started laughing. i'm like yes. he's like really? and laughing some more.

    my husband's prob annoyed that i'm a bit like a silly schoolgirl w my 'teen crush' hahaha how's your hubs w it?

  6. YAY for SIDE BLOGS!!!!!!
    It's like a support group for the obessessed. (did I just spell obsessed wrong? Damn. And I think I just did it again!!!)

  7. I read all 4 books and Midnight Sun in less than 2 weeks. Am I obsessed? My hubby probably thinks so. I haven't seen the movie though...I'm kinda scared that it will be nothing like the book and I love the book. That and it's hard to go see movies when you have a toddler.

  8. I kind of thought we'd get to hear a big growl in the big fight at the end since they gave us the little growl in that scene. Sort of a Lion King-esque big growl...but I was sorely disappointed.

  9. {sigh} I swear the only reason I continue to teach in middle school is so I can hang around 12 & 13 year old girls. They are the only real people I know I can shhare my obsession with. This is so nice, a blog with grown up ladies who understand me. LMAO!

    I love when Edward and Bella show up as a couple at school, that got me in the movie. He was "breaking all the rules now." Funniest line was when they said "It gave us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time" And the piano song, Renesme's favorite... beautiful. They have a few versions on You tube (kids told me)

    Twilight just melts me!

  10. Hell Yes to and adult version! I'm 30 and married and obsessed. Thankfully, I've gotten all my friends addicted as well, so I don't have to suffer alone. I need help. :)

  11. Love the new blog...for some reason I can relate. Maybe just a wee bit obsessed. My husband just pretends to not notice. Thank goodness my 13 year old is as obsessed - the 16 year old seems to be over it!

  12. I'm so glad you started a twilight's made me a little sad that the initial twilight buzz has slowed down.
    For some reason one of my favorite parts is when he's telling her he's going to take her to meet his family, they are outside in front of her house. I'm not sure why.

  13. I picked up twilight I was in a hurry needed something to read. I never thought I was going to like it. Boy was I wrong! I have not seen the movie I have not yet finished the book....not sure I want it to be over!!! My Fav moment in the book is the blood typing where he thinks there is something wrong and discovers she can not stand the sight of blood. Although pretty much every little move Edward makes is a fav of mine.
    So with you on the pitter patter of the heart on the sighting of a silver volvo! I am so glad I found your blog. I know that I am not alone on the twilght obsession.

  14. So glad I am not alone.
    I almost have a wreck if I see a silver volvo on the road.
    Is it even crazier that it is because I am staring to see who is driving.
    As if.
    My favorite Twilight scenes are:

    1. When he first enters the cafeteria. I think I may have shrieked aloud in the movie theater.
    2. The baseball scene. I didn't enjoy it in the book, but loved it in the movie.
    3. The restaurant scene. Loved the way he looked at her. Okay...loved the way he looked.
    4. High school parking lot where they walked up hand in hand and he was wearing the sunglasses. I guess it was the moment they "came out".
    5. The bedroom kissing scene. My absolute favorite. "Be still." "Don't move." Argh. Gets me every time.
    The hubs doesn't get it.
    Yes, Adult version....pulease!!!

  15. I like the scene where they "come out" as a couple, too! And the song that's playing (Spotlight by Mute Math) is quickly becoming my favorite from the soundtrack.

  16. When he says "don't move" during the kissing scene, I hold my breath. It's like reliving your first real realationship when you can't wait to kiss and you are dying to go further but you want to be good. I left the theater with my husband and he got lucky so I guess he can't complain. I read on Stephenie's website that when they screened the movie a girl actually slid right out of her chair during one of the scenes. I am disappointed in his real-life appearance with the facial hair and haircut. It's the character I love. My husband doesn't get my obsession so I keep it to myself.

  17. My husband has no idea about my secret obsession! I am totally with you about the adult version. The bedroom scene is definitely the best! Whew..I need a cold shower.

  18. I have just started getting obsessed. I saw the movie and just finished book #1. My husband thinks I have a problem and is probably just jealous of all my Edward talk. LOL.

  19. I would have to choose Edward's entrance in the cafeteria. But it's all good.

    And yes, my husband thinks I'm completely crazy. I've stopped discussing it around him because he just rolls his eyes. ;)

  20. One more thing ...

    As far as the movie, I was disappointed in many aspects of it ... but just watching the hotness that is Robert P. was enough to for me to give it an overall "two thumbs up."

    and also i have to say: i am so relieved that i found your blog today! definitly theres something wrong with me. although i'll never meet neither edward nor rob, i keep thinking: you're 14 years older, your 14 years older, and trying to secretly convince myself that that is not a problem!
    am i a loser?
    detail: it just gets worst to say i'm not married and so... oh god...
    my sister is worse than me but then again shes 19.
    i'm definitely, definitely unappropriately obssesed.

  22. oh dear God, you have no idea how relieved I am to have found this blog. I am old enough to be Rob's mother, and married with 4 kids, and I am still madly in love with Rob-as-Edward. Soooo sad. But I am not alone now : )

  23. hell yes, building guitar rifff,
    in the cafteria most defffintly my
    favorite part, and the wide awake blog
    has made me hate Jessica, so i just
    laughed when i re watched the movie at home
    on friday and she was talking about he's to good for anyone, and edward is just smirking listening to them. It makes my day.
    When he walked in the cafteria the first time in theaters, i choked on my popcorn in aw.

  24. LOL Just found your blog through a friend today. LOVE it!

    I love silver volvos too, but only the actual model SM specified. I absolutely HATE the one they used in the movie, and posted a lengthy rant on this subject on my blog, LOL!

    My favorites? The kiss scene, the rescue scene (except @$#@$ that car!!!) The treetops. Yummy Robert!