Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taylor is In

Fear not, Taylor Lautner fans, he's officially in for playing Jacob in New Moon.

As adorable as he is, I did have reservations that he might not be "big" enough to play Jacob in NM, but my boy has been working out - gained 20 lbs already - and promises to gain 10 more by filming.

Go, Taylor. Go, GNC.

Also: as Team Edward as I am, I have to say that the scene with Jacob kissing Bella in Eclipse made me question my Team status. Just for a minute.
Then I was back to Team Edward.

Any of you guys Team Jacob?


  1. im team edward/alice/jacob... in that order....
    why should i have 2 choose? ; )

  2. I have to be Edward, faithfully. But I do love Jacob in a diifferent way, brotherly. I so want him to find his own love, he deserves it. Just not Bella. She belongs to Edward. If I can't have him. So you bitches all step back.
    And I want Alice to be my sister/BFF all the way.
    After Happy Hour Sue, of course.

  3. I was so excited to hear the news.
    I knew he might be a bit small for the role in New Moon, but when he first came on the screen he was exactly how I pictured him to be.
    Exactly. So glad he is staying.
    I am still Team Edward all. the. way.

  4. I am not sure I mentioned this before, but thank you from the bottom of my vampire lovin' heart for starting this blog!
    Love. it!

  5. So happy about Taylor and although I am not Team Jacob, I totally know what you mean about the kiss scene. I loved the tent scene in Eclipse too. Actually, it was one of my favorite parts in the whole series so far.

  6. Okay, the tent scene in Eclipse was one of my favs, but not for Jacob's part. I actually liked it because I liked hearing Edwards part. So I guess I'm TOTALLY Team Edward. I was more in Jacob's quarter until I reread the series. Then the immaturity of his character kinda started to get to me. You did a great job with the blog. You have my full approval. ;)

  7. the talk was they were wanting michael copon (who i think played the black ranger on power rangers or was it red? no telling) cos he looked like older version of taylor. personally, i'm glad they kept taylor. one, because my daughter thinks he's 'hot' and would HATE it if he didn't, and two, that other guy is a bit too old to be a teenager. he's older than rob for crying out loud. i love all the cullens and jacob. i'm not gonna be on any team. i'm greedy...i want them all and all their hotness hehehe only person i don't want is bella. i'll just reiterate: yuck! haha

  8. I'm Team Edward all the way. But I was glad to hear Taylor will be back as Jacob!

  9. He looks good with the shorter hair but I would rather smell like a sweet vampire than a dog (as was described by Edward)

  10. Jacob and Bella were pretty steamy in Eclipse! But Edward and Bella scenes take the cake!