Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Facts

So depending on your degree of Twilight Obsession, you will either say "Really?" or "No-Duh." to the following tidbits.

Taylor Lautner was "Shark Boy" in Shark Boy & Lava Girl.

"Hotness Potentialis"

Robert Pattinson was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire.

The producers of Twilight toyed with the idea of Edward having long hair - but when they put the extensions on, they decided it hid his chiseled jawline.

Kristen Stewart is a pot-head.

Robert Pattinson is really playing the piano in the Bella' lullaby scene - In fact he wrote and sang two songs from the soundtrack, one of which you hear in the restaurant scene.

"As if I needed any more skills"

Robert used to date Camilla Belle....

who's now with Joe Jonas:

who, as we all know, had to have an emergency meeting with his brothers about the Twilight boys stealing their thunder.


  1. the other song he sings is in the scene when bella is turning/dying... It is, by far, my favorite. He's an amazing singer/musician.

    as for Kristen Steward... I am not surprised.

  2. I've got the chills, I now know what all the talk is about! I cannot wait to see the movie and finish this first book!

  3. I am a Harry Potter fan and thought he was a very hot Cedric. As for Kristen Stewart I am not surprised. She annoys me.

  4. Taylor Lautner was in somethign else, too. I can't remember right now, and my computer is being difficult so I can't google it. I am sure Dr. McFoxy can figure it out....

  5. no der to all of these lol does not surprise me if kristen is a pothead. might explain that funny twitchy thing she does w her eys in all movies...btw she's at the end of the movie Jumper answering the door.

  6. i guess that means im obsessed..... ; )

  7. LMAO Kristen is plain retarded.

  8. As if it didn't feel inappropriate enough... now I have to go and find out Taylor was Shark Boy. Yeesh.

  9. You know what's weird about Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas -- they look so much alike!

    But getting back to Rob -- great post! Imagine the freedom of having the DVD and replaying the lullaby playing moment whenever the mood strikes?!

  10. kristen doesnt suprise me
    rob is the absolute perfect guy
    taylor was shark boy
    joe and camilla dont matter

    and yes i am obsessed

  11. ugh! i hate kristen stewart! she can barely get one word out her lip is twitching so hard!gurr!
    taylor lautner: i love him, but shark-boy? really?

  12. come on guys give her a break shes a fab actress and does a fab job of bella and she IS VERY VERY pretty! i LOVE rob and taylor but always vampire 4 me ;D And she doesent twich her lip that much I LOVE ALICE she is my fav and the futrue ME!! haa so i am totally obsessed have watched twilight over and over ect. and has watched twilight new moon 3 time ;) <3 xx G.M.T x